Bathroom Remodeling

Did you know that most people judge the quality and beauty of your home while in the bathroom?  It’s a fact!  We won’t go into the exact reasons why, but let’s just say that folks have a little more time to “stare at the walls” when they are using your bathroom.  If your bathroom needs an overhaul, Adams Construction can handle all of your bathroom remodeling needs!

If you browse through our gallery you will see many bathroom remodeling jobs that we have done.  Most are quite simple but we had to show off some of our more elaborate work.  We understand that not everyone can afford a $20,000 dollar bathroom overhaul so we try hard to keep our labor prices low.

Truth is, most of the calls we get are from folks whose floors are becoming too “spongy” from water leaks or years of standing water getting into the sub-floor beneath.  This is usually an inexpensive fix and for just a few dollars more, many people go ahead and replace the commode, add some tile, and splash on a new coat of paint.  Before you know it, you’ve completely remodeled your bathroom and you didn’t even realize it!  Call us for a free quote.